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Integrity Global Logistics

About Us

Innovation. Integrity.

Integrity Global Logistics, LLC was founded in 2019 by Melanie Patterson, who is also the Founder and Managing Director. Integrity Global Logistics is a certified Minority Women-Owned company. Integrity Global Logistics was founded on a vision to create a company dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in helping solve public and private sector customers' bottlenecks in transportation and logistics. We move with Integrity and innovation from local to overseas, we can provide the best price value for diverse freight handling. Our training and certifications speak to our standards, quality, and repeatable processes.

Our Company History.


Integrity Global Logistics

Integrity Global Logistics (IGL) was founded by Melanie Patterson to improve the movement of freight with innovation, integrity, and purpose. As a fleet owner and entrepreneur, she took notice of the lack of company integrity, and its effects on customer relationships, and end-users. To date, IGL sets industry standards in freight handling and customer retention. 


Logistic Solutions to Help Your Businesses from End to End.

IGL invests time and innovation to fully understand all of our customer's needs before designing solutions to improve private and public sectors' transportation and logistics operations. We take responsibility for guiding your business through any challenge you may have while providing an affordable and reliable solution for company bottlenecks. We are driven by innovation, integrity, and purpose.

What We Do.

From warehousing and handling to packaging and transport and distribution, our expert knowledge of each field of the logistics chain makes our offering unique


Who We Help.

IGL offers integrated, single source solutions to meet the needs of every type of customer, regardless of size or location.


Why Choose Us.

We are a locally owned company that focuses on professionalism in all of our solutions.

Integrity Global Logistics upholds these fundamental principles:
  • It’s our job to make sure that the customer is right every time.
  • It’s our job to overachieve within budget at all times. No exceptions.
  • It’s our job to represent and execute with 100% integrity, 100% of the time.
  • It’s our job to effectively communicate and in a timely manner. No excuses.
  • It’s our job to make our customers look good. Not ourselves.
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