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Deliveries you can trust.

Our trained and reliable team paired with years of hands-on experience, we drive to meet your goals.



In addition to our standard deliveries, we provide an array of value-added services to ensure our customers' logistics needs are met. Below is a compilation of the services we offer and the industries we serve.

Professional Offices.

Whether we're moving your interoffice mail and packages or emergency transport of Transportable Temporary Housing Units (TTHUs) units we have a solution for you.

Medical, Lab & Pharmaceutical.

IGL is highly experienced in moving temperature sensitive medical labs, human specimens and drugs for labs and pharmaceutical providers. Our unique service and confidential/professional touch provides your business with the best care available.

Legal & Mail Services.

We provide dedicated daily and on-demand mail and legal document delivery services for businesses all across Illinois. Allow IGL to bring your mail directly to you rather than sending one of your employees to check your PO Box.

Store Manager

Storage of freight and manufacturing supplies and products can be preformed at our warehouse. In addition, once the products are at our location, we have the ability to take your products directly to thier destination.

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Diverse Freight. 

IGL is well versed in providing port and hub transportation for all import and export needs.

B2B LTL Services.

Delivering directly to businesses is our expertise! Here at IGL, we have a fleet to accommodate all of your LTL freight.

Logistics Team.

IGL is build off a TEAM approach. We have experts in freight management, logistics coordination, warehouse management, compliance, business development, customer relations, IT and so much more to continue to add value. 

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On-Demand / Expedited Service.

IGL provides on-demand and expedited delivery services for customers who need to move products and goods as fast as possible. Reach out to our dispatch team today to get started,.

Scheduled or Routed Service.

IGL provides daily and weekly customized routes for customers who need courier services regularly and on a reoccurring schedule.

Downtown Daily Mail & Court Service .

Whether you need your mail brought to your office daily, or you need important legal documents taken directly to the court, IGL provides a solution for you.

Here to Help Your Business Needs.

Stop worrying. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support you deserve.

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